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    Motorola VX-2100/2200 Accessories

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    Motorola VX-2100/2200 Programming Pkg for Windows (USB Version). Downloadable link provided after sale. Programming cable will be shipped.  ...

    Price: $49.95

    CT-104A USB

    USB Programming Cable (Includes Drivers CD - Radio Programming software NOT included) - works with numerous models including VX-2100, VX-2200, VX-2500, VX-1000, VX-2000, VX-4500, VX-4600, VX-3200 LTR, VX-4100, VX-4200, VX-3000, VX-4000, VX-4104, VX-4...

    Price: $39.95

    Motorola CT-104A

    Pigtail Interface Cable for use w/ the FIF-10A or FIF-12 USB Interface Box...

    Price: $42.78

    Motorola CT-126

    Pigtail cable adapter for use w/ the VX-VPL-1 (CT-29) RS-232 Programming Cable...

    Price: $21.36

    Motorola MH-67A8J

    Standard Palm Microphone...

    Price: $50.34

    Motorola MH-75A8J

    DTMF Microphone, 16 Key, Black...

    Price: $62.94

    Motorola MLS-100

    High Power External Speaker with 1/8 phono jack that fits most radios and scanners (12 Watt Peak)

    Price: $88.14

    Motorola MT9021010

    DC Power Supply cable for VX-2100/2200 (25 Watt)...

    Price: $12.54

    Motorola RA079050A

    Standard mounting bracket for VX-2100/2200 (Same as Supplied)...

    Price: $16.32

    Motorola RA079060A

    Knob Screw for Motorola Mobile Bracket to Radio (same as supplied). Price is one pair....

    Price: $8.76

    Motorola VX-VPL-1

    Programming Cable Kit (RS-232 / DB-9 ComPort)-Incl: #CT-29 PC cable & #CT-126 adapter. Check specific models for additional pigtails...

    Price: $88.14

    Samlex SEC-1223-VX4

    Vertex EVX-5300/5400, VX4500, VX4600, Motorola or Vertex VX2200, VX2100,

    Price: $207.85