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    TeleWave ANT150D3-1D

    TeleWave ANT150D3-1DTeleWave ANT150D3-1D
    Price: $2,524.95
    Manufactured by: TeleWave inc
    TeleWave, Inc.
    Product Description
    138-174MHz 3dB 2 Element Dipole, 1 Degree Downtilt
    Product Narrative
    TELEWAVE's ANT150D3-1D 138 – 174 MHz 2 bay exposed dipole array. Adjustable pattern, 3 dB omni / 5.6 dB offset, 500 W. Includes harness with N Male termination. Mast not included. 1 deg. downtilt.
    Specific Freq. (MHz)
    138-174 MHz
    Gain dBd: 3 dBd, 6 dBd
    Lightning Protection:
    DC Ground
    Maximum Rated Wind Velocity:
    175 MPH
    Gain dBi:
    5.1 dBi, 8.1 dBi
    RF Connectors:
    N Male
    Maximum VSWR:
    Maximum Power:
    500 W
    Connector Placement:


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