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    Paladin Tools PA4932

    Paladin Tools PA4932
    Price: $604.95
    Manufactured by: Paladin Tools
    Tempo Communications
    Product Description

    The Tempo PA4932 Ultimate Technician Kit includes:

    • PA4923-3 Case, Tools Totem
    • PA1559-3 Crimper, MiniCoax Pro Unv, Bulk
    • PA1561-3 Crimper, Snagless, All-in-One (Bulk)
    • 601K-G Basic Tone & Probe Kit (601K-G) (Clam)
    • NC-100 Tester, VDV NETcat (POP) (NC-100)
    • PA1900-3 Wrench Can Drop-forged w/ Plastic Handle
    • PA1116-001 Stripper UTP STP Flat Cable
    • PA1179-3 Cutter Dual Contour Cable
    • PA427626 CST LC-CST RG6 Pre-Set Coax Stripper
    • PA1902-3 Adapter RJ45 Modular 8-Way
    • PA1927-3 3-Way CATV Prep Tool Black Bulk Pkg
    • PA1923 Untwist Tool Twisted Pair
    • PA4591-3 PDT Blade Double 110
    • PA4578-3 Blade Surepunch 110 Round
    • PA4574-3 Blade Surepunch BIX
    • PA4575-3 Blade Surepunch Krone LSA
    • PA9641-3 CONN RG6 RG6Q H20 Compression
    • PA9546-3 CONN RJ45 8P8C CAT-5e Bulk
    • PA9520-3 CONN RJ11 6P6C Bulk
    • PA9523-3 CONN Handset 4P4C Flat Strande
    • PA3590-001 PDT Surepunch-Pro Sub-Assembly w/Labels
    • PA4573-3 Blade Surepunch 66 Twist-Lock Blade RM


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