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    Paladin Tools 1143-5000

    Paladin Tools 1143-5000
    Price: $816.95
    Manufactured by: Paladin Tools


    Tempo Communications

    Product Description

    The Sidekick family of telecom testers is the perfect instrument for troubleshooting the faults responsible for over 75% of all customer service interruptions. The Sidekick is the only troubleshooting tool that features the Stress Test to measure audible noise on a pair when “stressed” with 90dBrnC longitudinal excitation – key to identifying imbalances and series resistance opens. The Leakage Test also detects intermittent resistance faults undetectable with a typical VOM tester.

    The Sidekick 7B quickly and accurately uncovers intermittent troubles other test sets can’t detect. The Sidekick T&N features transmission and noise testing and is available with a traditional analog or easy to read digital display, while the Sidekick VOC is tailored to the inside wiring found in CATV applications of VOIP.


    • Quickly and accurately uncovers intermittent troubles that other test sets can’t detect
    • Enables rapid and accurate testing on copper and cable pairs
    • Readable in bright sunlight
    • Advanced cable diagnosis and troubleshooting in a single test set
    • Industry leading ease of use and operation.
    • Helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot problems with twisted pair cable
    • Install, qualify, and maintain copper and CATV services
    • Determines the stressed noise susceptibility of dry and working pairs
    • Measures resistance, AC/DC volts, and capacitive kick
    • Provides tone for twisted pair or crossed conductor identification
    • Test Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground
    • Measures AC/DC Volts, Leakage, resistance, and loop current
    • Performs circuit loss, circuit noise (metallic noise), and power influence test


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