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    Paladin Tools 1155-5013

    Paladin Tools 1155-5013
    Price: $4,628.64
    Manufactured by: Paladin Tools


    Tempo Communications

    Product Description

    • Two-pair bonding
    • ADSL2+/VDSL2+
    • Vectoring
    • Broadcom GL-168
    • Automated test scripts
    • USB export/import of test results/profiles
    • 35MHz Wideband Noise Spectrum Analysis
    • 4.4MHz Loss Measurement Test
    • 35MHz Impulse Noise Step TDR with Auto Bridge Tap Detection (Zero Dead Zone)
    • DSL Showtime
    • Bits per Tone
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    • HLOG
    • Error Detect
    • Upper Layer Testing
    • Ping, Trace-Route, (HTTP and FTP)
    • Advanced Dual Trace Pulse TDR (Zero Dead Zone)
    • Resistive Fault Locator (Detects up to 20MΩ)
    • 1GΩ Leakage Test (Insulation Resistance)
    • Longitudinal Balance Test
    • Ground Resistance Test
    • Quite Line Noise (QLN) Test
    • Stress Test
    • AC/DC Voltage
    • Resistance
    • Open Meter
    • Loop Current
    • Circuit Loss
    • Tracing Tone Generator
    • Reference Tone


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