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    Paladin Tools 1157-5001

    Paladin Tools 1157-5001
    Price: $791.37
    Manufactured by: Paladin Tools


    Tempo Communications

    Product Description

    Sidekick® Plus ADSL Far-End Device (FED). For use with the Sidekick® Plus as a complete ADSL testing solution


    • K-Test – Far-End-Device straps the pair under test
    • TDR – Far-End-Device can alternately short and open the pair to verify the end-of-line
    • Noise – Far-End-Device provides a line termination
    • Loss – Far-End-Device provides single or multiple reference tones
    • Longitudinal Balance – Far-End-Device provides an IEEE 455-1985 Longitudinal Balanced Termination
    • Autotest – The Sidekick Plus manages the operation of the Far-End-Device during the test sequence.
    • Short Pair – Verifies loop length
    • Short Pair to Ground –Determines pair resistive balance
    • Remote activation via Sidekick® Plus
    • Ability to connect and disconnect Central Office and Customer Premise equipment
    • Supports Second Pair Testing
    • Generates tones for pair ID and pair tracing
    • Capability to generate tones over a range of frequencies from POTS to ADSL


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