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    Motorola SL300 Accessories

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    Motorola 25009298001

    Motorola Micro-USB Charger, Switch Mode, Low Noise, 5W, US/NA

    Price: $25.95

    Motorola PMNN4468

    Motorola Li-Ion 2300 mAh Battery

    Price: $50.95

    Motorola PMLN7074

    Motorola Battery Door Cover (for SL300)

    Price: $20.95

    Motorola MICRO-USB

    Motorola Micro USB Programming Cable

    Price: $13.95

    Motorola RVN5115

    The RVN5115 Programming Software

    Price: $629.95

    Motorola PMKN4013C

    Motorola MotoTRBO APX OEM Portable Programming, Test and Align Cable

    Price: $163.95

    Motorola NAE6547

    Motorola OEM Stubby Antenna, 435-470 MHz, 3.2in

    Price: $19.95
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