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    RFS BA1010-2

    RFS BA1010-2RFS BA1010-2
    Price: $1,144.95
    Manufactured by: RFS



    Product Description

    154-174 MHz Unity Gain Fiberglass Omni Antenna

    Product Narrative

    RFS's BA1010-2 omnidirectional fiberglass antenna operates in the 154 – 174 MHz frequency range. This unity gain VHF omni antenna has a maximum power input of 500 W and is terminated with an N Female connector.

    This heavy-duty antenna is permanently affixed to a unique mounting fixture that allows for mounting either on top of or alongside of most vertical supports. The antenna includes a bracket and U-bolts for mounting.The RFS BA1010-2 omnidirectional fiberglass antenna is ideal for use as an emergency backup antenna.

    RF Connectors

    N Female



    Item Height

    55.199999999999996 in

    Item Width

    3 in

    Gain dBi

    2.1 dBi

    Type of Hardware Included

    Bracket and U-Bolts

    Specific Frequency

    154-174 MHz

    Maximum Rated Wind Velocity

    100 mile/h

    Item Weight

    8.8 lb

    Maximum VSWR


    Item Length

    3 in

    Maximum Power

    500 W

    Lightning Protection

    DC Ground


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