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    Commander Technologies 1151-4N

    Commander Technologies 1151-4NCommander Technologies 1151-4N
    Price: $1,364.95
    Manufactured by: Commander Technologies


    Commander Technologies

    Product Description

    460-470 MHz 8dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna

    Product Narrative

    COMMANDER TECHNOLOGIES' 1151-3N is an omnidirectional Super Stationmaster antenna operating within the frequency range 460-470 MHz. This UHF fiberglass omni antenna has 8 dB gain, 250 W power input, and has a direct N Female connection. Mounting clamps 46 are included.

    The rugged construction of this omni antenna ensures reliability in harsh weather conditions. This heavy-duty Super Stationmaster can provide extensive coverage in rural areas

    Item Width

    2.75 in

    Gain dBd

    8 dBd

    Lightning Protection

    DC Ground

    Type of Hardware Included

    46 Clamps



    Maximum Power

    250 W

    Maximum Rated Wind Velocity

    125 mile/h

    Specific Frequency

    460-470 MHz

    Item Length

    2.75 in

    Maximum VSWR


    Item Height

    182.39999999999998 in

    Item Weight

    16 lb

    Gain dBi

    10.15 dBi

    RF Connectors

    N Female


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