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    Commander Technologies 1106-4

    Commander Technologies 1106-4Commander Technologies 1106-4
    Price: $359.95
    Manufactured by: Commander Technologies

    Product Description

    896-960 6.1 dBi Omni Fiberglass Antenna

    Product Narrative

    COMMANDER's omni fiberglass antenna 896 – 960 6.1 dBi N Female. This collinear antenna provides consistent gain and impedance across the operating frequency band and is designed to meet various omnidirectional requirements for repeated control stations. This antenna utilizes copper radiating elements and is encased in small diameter fiberglass to reduce wind resistance. Commander antennas incorporate design enhancements not normally available in other fiberglass collinear antennas of comparable size.


    Commander Technologies

    RF Connectors

    N Female

    Item Width

    3 in

    Item Weight

    16 lb

    Item Height

    3 in

    Lightning Protection

    Direct Ground


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