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    Morad WH-15

    Morad WH-15Morad WH-15
    Price: $179.95
    Manufactured by: Morad Antenna Co.

    HF Single Sideband Antenna (2-30MHz), 15-foot unloaded whip antenna, 8 ft. 1 inch diameter base pipe with 83 inch fiberglass whip. (UPS, FedEx & USPS Shippable)


    Bulkhead mount with stanchion extension pipe:

    • 1” diameter stanchion - available in 2, 5, 8 and 10 ft. lengths (V2, V5, V8, V10, V10-2).
    • M6 Mount for 1” pipe (sold as pair).
    • The M6 Mount is also available in a lay down version (M600) which has a swivel base and upper locking latch allowing your antenna to be laid down for transport or storage.

    Other Optional Mounts for Morad Antennas


    Morad Marine Antennas:

    Made entirely in the USA.
    Hand built with modern tooling.
    Product is tested to work before shipment.
    Dependable, rugged, and technically superior to other antennas on the market.
    Our products are trusted on military, law enforcement, commercial and leisure vessels around the world.


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