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    AOR MA500

    25MHz-1300MHz Receive only Magnetic Mount Mobile Whip Antenna.

    Price: $149.95

    Diamond D220R (Out of Stock)

    Mobile Mini Discone Antenna (100 to 1600MHz for receiving) (144/440/904/1200MHz for transmitting) Specifications: 1/2wave(144MHz), 2x5/8wave(440MHz) Bands: 100-1600 MHz Gain dBi: 2.15dBi(144/904/1200MHz), 5.5dBi(440MHz...

    Price: $99.95

    Laird Connectivity ABSCANC

    Manufacturer Laird Connectivity Model # ABSCANC Product Description 150/450/800 Scanner Antenna Black Frequency Range (MHz) 150/450/800 Product Narrative Scanner receive antenna covers the VHF, UHF &...

    Price: $32.13

    Laird Connectivity ABSCANCS

    Manufacturer Laird Connectivity Model # ABSCANCS Product Description 150/450/800 Scanner Antenna Black with Spring Base Frequency Range (MHz) 150/450/800 Gain (dB) Unity Maximum Power (Watts) ...

    Price: $31.02

    Larsen NMO150/450/758

    150/450/700/800 Antenna, Gain (dB) Unity, 100 Watts, Whip Length 16.5"

    Price: $59.87

    Larsen NMO150/450/800

    150/450/800 Antenna, Gain (dB) Unity,  100 Watts, Whip Length 16.5"

    Price: $40.61

    MP Antenna 08-ANT-0860

    Manufacturer MP Antenna Product Multi-Polarized Super-M Classic. Designed for HAM, Scanner and Two-Way Government/Commercial communications, the Multi-Polarized Super-M Ultra Mobile antenna seamlessly covers the frequency range f...

    Price: $100.95

    MP Antenna 08-ANT-0865

    Manufacturer MP Antenna Product Designed for Mobile HAM Radio and Scanner applications, the Multi-Polarized Super-M Classic Mobile antenna offers a light weight construction and is easily mounted on any vehicle. The Super-M Class...

    Price: $54.49

    PCTEL Maxrad BMAXSCAN1000

    Manufacturer PCTEL Maxrad Model # BMAXSCAN1000 Product Description VHF,UHF 800 Scanner Antenna Frequency Range (MHz) 150-840 Product Narrative Unity gain scanner receive antenna. For VHF, UHF and 800...

    Price: $33.99

    Tram 1199

    Manufacturer Tram Product Description Glass Mount Scanner Antenna Frequency Range (MHz) 25-1300 MHz Coverage Product Narrative High Gain glass mounted antenna. Includes 17' of coax and connector. Whip L...

    Price: $38.80