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    Rohn 45G Mounting Options

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    Rohn BPC45G

    ROHN 45G concrete base plate designed to be used with a pier pin embedded in a concrete pier type foundation.

    Price: $188.95

    Rohn BPH45G

    ROHN 45G hinged base plate pre-drilled for use with 6 in x 12 in J-bolts.

    Price: $884.95

    Rohn FR45G

    ROHN 45G flat roof mount, joints for connecting directly to a standard Rohn 45G tower section

    Price: $412.95

    Rohn HBUTVRO

    ROHN's universal house bracket for use with 25G, 45G or 55G towers. Spacing adjustable from 18 – 36 in.

    Price: $353.95

    Featured Products


    Featured Products