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    Times Microwave LP-BTR-NMS

    Times Microwave LP-BTR-NMSTimes Microwave LP-BTR-NMS
    Price: $87.95
    Manufactured by: Times Microwave Systems
    Product Narrative
    Bulkhead or Flange mount by rotating bracket 90 degrees in any direction. Bulkhead mounting coaxial protector attaches through a maximum 1/4" thickness panel. Flange mount to any flat surface. DC blocked to minimize throughput energy. Turn-on voltage 600V ± 20%. Turn-on time 2.5nS for 2kV/nS voltage rise time. Will withstand multiple strikes at 10kA (8x20µS wave-form). Insertion loss is <0.1 dB, VSWR <1.1:1, Return loss <-26dB. Protector cannot be used where there is voltage for tower mounted electronics on the center conductor. Brass body with white bronze plating.
    Frequency Range
    20-1000 MHz
    Throughput Energy*
    200 uJ
    Conn. Equip. Side
    N Male
    Conn. Ant. Side
    N Female
    Maximum Power @ Frequency
    20-220@375W, 220-700@125W, 700-1000@50W
    Mfg. Warranty
    10 Years


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