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    Cablematic CR 211CX

    Cablematic CR 211CX
    Price: $152.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description

    Ripley Hex Crimp Tool Cablematic CR 211CX

    Product Narrative
    The Cablematic heavy duty toggle action crimp tools provide the proper compression force and sizes required to insure R.F.I. protection and increase retention of the connector on the cable. The toggle action provides a very high mechanical advantage assuring a proper crimp each time. Designed with a heavy duty frame plus a fine compression adjustment feature, these tools will provide years of reliable service. After crimping the connector assembly, if the ring and connector are not secure on the cable check for undersize O.D. of the cable. Never Re-Crimp in a smaller hex die opening. This will damage the tool and destroy the integrity of the connector. If your crimp looks like the diagram in Fig. B below you have an over-sized crimp ring or an undersized crimp tool. To complete the crimp will damage the crimp tool. Check with your connector manufacturer for the proper crimp ring size.
    1 lb 9 oz
    Special Features:
    • For CATV, MATV and STV type cable hex crimp connectors
    • Precision quality alloy steel jaws are self-bottoming and will not over-crimp
    • Toggle action delivers correct crimping force
    • Rugged components for long, trouble-free performance
    • Star wheel permits precise, easy compression adjustment
    • Full-cushion handles will not slide off
    • Rugged steel frame with heat treated pins for maximum strength and operating life


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