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    VHF Repeaters

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    ICOM FR5300

    Output Power 50W (50% Duty Cycle), Frequencies 136-174 VHF, Channels 32, Height 2U

    Price: $1,818.40

    Kenwood NXR-710K (On Backorder)

    VHF 136-174 MHz Conventional Analog Repeater, 50 Watts

    Price: $1,769.95

    ICOM CY5300

    VHF 136-174 MHz All-in-One, Plug and Play IDAS™ Digital + Analog Repeater with Built in Power Supply

    Price: $1,741.80

    Motorola SLR5700 VHF

    VHF 136-174 MHz MOTOTRBO Digital (DMR) Repeater, 50 Watts

    ICOM FR9010

    VHF 146-174 MHz P25 Conventional, Analog FM and Mixed Mode Repeater, 110 Watts

    Featured Products


    Featured Products