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    Motorola SLR5700 VHF

    Motorola SLR5700Motorola SLR5700
    Motorola SLR5700
    Motorola SLR5700
    Motorola SLR5700
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    Manufactured by: Motorola

    The Motorola Solutions SLR 5000 Series Repeater provides a modular, flexible analog and digital station designed for today's communication systems and for the future.

    The station is available for use in these configurations:

    • Analog Conventional
    • Digital (MOTOTRBO)
    • LTR Trunking
    • Passport Trunking
    • MPT1327 Trunking
    The SLR 5000 series can either be configured as a stand-alone repeater or as a repeater connected to a back-end network, as in the case of operating in IP Site Connect mode. As a repeater, it listens on one uplink frequency, and then re-transmits on a downlink frequency, thus providing the RF interface to the field subscribers.
    When configured for analog station operation, the repeater is designed to operate with most existing analog systems, which enables a smooth migration to the MOTOTRBO system. When configured for digital operation, the repeater offers additional services. The digital repeater operates in TDMA mode, which essentially divides one channel into two virtual channels using time MN001436A01-AD SLR 5000 Series Repeater Send Feedback 37 slots; therefore the user capacity is doubled. The repeater utilizes embedded signaling to inform the field radios of the busy/idle status of each channel (time slot), the type of traffic, and even the source and destination information.
    The SLR 5000 series facilitates the field replaceable unit (FRU) concept of field repair to maximize system uptime. The FRU concept also aids in allowing the end user/maintainer to lower their inventory costs. The base model SLR 5000 series FRUs are as follows:
    • Modem FRU
    • Power Amplifier FRU
    • Power Supply FRU
    • Front Panel FRU


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