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    ICOM FR5300

    ICOM FR5300
    EM Wave EM-M11001-058
    Price: $1,818.40
    Manufactured by: ICOM

    One Platform for All Your System Configurations

    The FR5300 is a second generation IDAS™ repeater that builds upon the powerful product line with the affordable, low complexity digital simulcast capabilities and a new CPU/FPGA platform. Increase coverage with simulcast by adding repeaters to pair on the same networks.

    Output Power:
    50W (50% Duty Cycle)
    136-174 VHF
    Digital Conventional:
    IDAS built-in
    Digital Trunking:
    Optional Boards/Modules

    IDAS™ Simulcast Systems

    Installing the UC-FR5300 and the CF-FR5300 (SC) allows simulcast which increases coverage and eliminate dead spots. The IDAS™ Simulcast transmits digital repeater signals and GNSS synchronization signals on the same frequency to reduce signal loss in overlapping signal areas. Simulcast automatically selects the best signal by each repeater to distribute and retransmit. Compared to conventional multi-site systems, all NXDN™ compatible IDAS™ radios do not have to scan, vote or roam.

    IP Remote Maintenance and Control

    When connected to an IP network*, users can PC program, configure IP address settings, and monitor SNMP traps and Syslogs from a remote location. The RC-FS10 can be used as a simple dispatch station to communicate with other radio terminals through the repeater. Use the VE-PG4 RoIP gateway for connection to other protocols and telephone interfaces.

    Trunking Options

    Simulcast Conventional 

    Increase range in difficult RF environments with Simulcast Conventional. Simulcast Conventional uses one frequency for all subscriber units. The one frequency keeps signals strong in overlapping areas, this also eliminates the need for scanning, voting, and roaming. The UC-FR5300 board and CF-FR5300SC card are required to work with simulcast, simulcast only works with the FR5300.

    Multisite Conventional Systems 

    Inserting the CF-FR5000 02 card into the UC-FR5300 board, the UC and repeaters increase their capabilities to include multisite conventional operation. Multisite conventional systems connect conventional repeaters using an IP network to merge geographically distributed repeaters and operate them as one, or allow UHF and VHF repeaters to share traffic in a crossover configuration. This is ideal for operations that can merge multiple talk sites into one. Industries such as construction, mining, education, transportation and logistics would benefit.

    Multisite Conventional systems are possible with IDAS™ LINQ™. Choose from four configurations: LINQ™REPEAT, LINQ™REPEAT+, LINQ™VOTE, and LINQ™VOTE+.

    Learn more about LINQ™ >

    Single Site Trunking

    Installing and programming a UC-FR5300 board into the FR5300 repeater can transform the FR5300 from a conventional repeater into a trunked repeater system for a single site. Any IDAS™ subscriber digital radios are ready to operate on conventional or trunked digital radios for easy configuration choice. Single Site Trunking is ideal for a large area of operation with multiple groups and users.

    Multi-site Trunking

    The UC-FR5300 board and CF-FR5000MT card in a repeater can be configured to a voting receiver, which is best for radios that cannot reach transmitters in areas of poor coverage. Once a signal is received at the voter, it is then transferred via IP to the repeater which then transmits the strongest signal. Voting allows the extension of indoor or underground communication which would benefit industries such as education, healthcare and hospitality.

    Learn more about MultiTrunk™ >

    Two in One Chassis

    Two RF modules* can be installed and operate independently. The front panel LEDs show the status of both channels.

    *Optional UR-FR5300/UR-FR6300 required

    Additional Features
    • D-SUB 25-Pin Accessory Connector
    • 5 Programmable buttons
    • CW ID transmitter
    • PTT priority setting
    • 5-Tone decoder (analog mode only)
    • DTMF Encoder/decoder
    • Low voltage alert


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