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    Handheld Scanners/Receivers

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    Alinco DJ-X11T

    Wideband receiver covers 50 kHz to 1299.995 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM wide, FM narrow, SSB and CW modes. 1200 memory channels, 3 selectable scan speeds (VFO: 25ch/s, 33ch/s, 100ch/s, Memory: 4.5ch/s, 8.3ch/s, 20ch/s)

    Price: $329.95

    AOR AR-DV10 (Out of Stock)

    100kHz - 1300MHz (No Gaps) Analog/Digital Receiver Scanner. TETRA, DMR, NXDN, dPMR, APCO25, D-STAR, Yaesu C4FM, Alinco EJ47U, D-CR

    Price: $1,269.95


    500kHz - 3000MHz (No Gaps) Receiver Scanner. 1,000 Channels, 40 Search Banks, AM/FM/USB/LSB.

    Price: $779.95

    ICOM R6 Sport

    100 kHz – 1309.995 MHz Receiver Scanner. 1300 Channels, 22 Search Banks, 100 channels per second high speed scan

    Price: $229.95