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    AR-DV1 Accessories

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    AOR ABF-128

     Aviation Band Filter ...

    Price: $79.95


    Small size communication device with WIFI enabled Web API - This product is a WEB API operated single board computer device set-up to operate the AR-DV1 receiver in VFO mode. - Included are: RPI 3B+ with a case, AC adapter, SD card containing the sp...

    Price: $269.95

    AOR ARD300


    Price: $829.95

    AOR ARD9800

      Digital voice, image and data modem for HF analog transceivers ...

    Price: $689.95

    AOR ARD9900

      Multi-Mode and Digital Interface with encryption (Gov't only) ...

    AOR DA3200

      25MHz - 3GHz Discone Antenna ...

    Price: $329.95

    AOR DA6000

      700MHz-6GHz Commercial Grade Discone Antenna ...

    Price: $499.95

    AOR GT-1

      Galvanic Isolation Transformer for Shortwave Receiver ...

    Price: $66.95

    AOR LA400

      Indoor Active Loop Receive antenna 10kHz ~ 500MHz ...

    Price: $529.95

    AOR LA400-RCK

    Extention Cable kit for LA400 (control cable and coaxial cable) 10m (33feet)...

    Price: $89.95

    AOR MA500

    25MHz-1300MHz Receive only Magnetic Mount Mobile Whip Antenna.

    Price: $139.95

    AOR MC600

      10kHz-30MHz Impedance Matching Transformer for Antique Receivers ...

    Price: $89.95

    AOR SA7000

      30kHz-2000MHz Receive Only Wideband Antenna ...

    Price: $369.95

    AOR SRP1201500P

    AC adapter, 120V AC input, 12V DC output (For AR8600MKII / AR-DV1)...

    Price: $49.95

    AOR VM9800

    Video memory module for SSTV operation (for ARD9800 only)...

    Price: $99.95