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    Larsen BNCMMBNC

    Magnet Antenna Mount for Male BNC Male Terminated Antennas. 17 feet RG58/U Cable. Read More

    Price: $93.95

    Larsen LMB

    Stud-type 3/8" or 3/4" permanent hole mount. Features 5/16"-24 thread Read More

    Price: $17.95

    Larsen LMKUD

    5/16" x 24 Stud Type, Permanent Hole. 17 feet RG58/U Dual Shield Cable Read More

    Price: $27.95

    Larsen OM150BCO

    144-174 MHz self mounting no ground plane coil/mount with 17' RG58A/U cable and UHF connector. Whip not included. Read More

    Price: $159.95

    Featured Products


    Featured Products