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    Commander Technologies 1151-7N

    Commander Technologies 1151-7NCommander Technologies 1151-7N
    Price: $839.95
    Manufactured by: Commander Technologies


    Commander Technologies

    Product Description

    460-470 MHz 10dB Fiberglass Omni Antenna

    Product Narrative

    COMMANDER TECHNOLOGIES' 455-7N omnidirectional Super Stationmaster antenna operates in the 450 – 470 MHz frequency range. This fiberglass UHF antennas 500 W power input and has a direct N Female connection. Mounting clamps 46 are included.

    Commander Technologies' 455-7N fiberglass omnidirectional antenna Super Stationmaster combines 10 MHz bandwidth capability, improved lightning protection, and 10 dB omnidirectional gain while preserving the base antennas lightweight feature.

    Item Length

    2.75 in

    Maximum VSWR


    Item Weight

    24 lb

    Gain dBd

    9.95 dBd

    Item Height

    234 in



    Gain dBi

    12.1 dBi

    Maximum Power

    500 W

    Maximum Rated Wind Velocity

    100 mile/h

    RF Connectors

    N Female

    Specific Frequency

    460-470 MHz

    Lightning Protection

    DC Ground

    Type of Hardware Included

    46 Clamps

    Item Width

    2.75 in


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