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    Rohn 45GSR Tower & Accessories

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    Rohn 3/4X12PP

    ROHN's 3/4X12PP pier pin for use with 25G, 45G, and 55G concrete base plates. Read More

    Price: $36.95

    Rohn 45GSR10

    ROHN's 45GSR general purpose communication tower section. 10 ft length. 1 1/4 in solid steel. Read More

    Price: $1,236.95

    Rohn 45GSRSB

    ROHN's 45GSR short (5 ft) base for use in concrete Read More

    Price: $676.95

    Rohn ACL455

    ROHN 45G/55G set of three (3) anti-climb sheets with attachment screws for 45G and 55G towers. Read More

    Price: $839.95

    Rohn AGK1GGX

    Anchor wire ground kit; Consists of three 10ft copper clad steel rods, 3 clamps,1 anchor rod clamp, and 45ft of 7/16 6x25 EIP IWRC RRL grounding wire. Read More

    Price: $293.95

    Rohn AGK1GGX-1

    Anchor wire grounding kit. Consists of 3 clamps,1 anchor rod clamp, and 45ft of 7/16 6x25 EIP IWRC RRL ground wire. Read More

    Rohn APL1258UM

    ROHN'S APL1258UM plate assembly mid beacon UNIV1.25-8 Read More

    Price: $593.95

    Rohn APL4A

    ROHN'S APL4A beacon mount top plate for 45GSR and 4N tower sections Read More

    Price: $175.95

    Rohn BGK3GGX

    ROHN Base Grounding Kit for 25G/45G/55G Towers Read More

    Price: $253.95

    Rohn GAC3455TOP

    Guy anchor rod with 5-hole equalizer plate, 81" L Read More

    Price: $230.95

    Rohn GAC5655TOP

    Concrete guy anchor 3/4 in rod with five-hole equalizer plate is used at the ground level anchor points of a Rohn 25G, 45G, 55G, and 65G guyed tower installation. Read More

    Price: $474.95

    Rohn GAC5755TOP

    The Rohn R-GAC5755TOP concrete guy anchor 1 7/16 in rod with five-hole equalizer plate embeds into a standard concrete anchor block at the base of a Rohn 25G, 45G, 55G, or 65G tower with either a 3 or 5 level down guy attachment. Read More

    Price: $1,116.95

    Rohn KY1653A

    ROHN's KY1653A 3 ft side arm mount with 2 tie backs Read More

    Rohn KY2041A

    3-hole waveguide bracket for use on ROHN G-Series towers
    Read More

    Price: $32.95

    Rohn LRCL

    ROHN's 5/8 in OD x 5 ft copper-clad lightning rod Read More

    Price: $157.95

    Rohn SB55G

    ROHN’s R-SB55G 55G 5 ft short base section is designed to be placed into the ground and embedded in concrete to act as the connection between the tower foundation and the final section in the tower structure. Read More

    Price: $272.95

    Rohn SR245

    ROHN's R-SR245 safety ring is designed to be used with both the Rohn 25G and 45G model towers Read More

    Rohn TT-WG-500-W/SMC

    ROHN Hands Free Safety Wire Rope Grab Vertical Fall Arrestor. Dual Cams for Double System. Fits 3/8" cable. Read More

    Price: $239.95

    Rohn TTFBH-C/P

    Professional Climbing Harness with Seat. For use with vertical fall arrest protection system such as the TT-WG-500. Read More

    Price: $608.95

    Rohn VY4311A2

    2.375" OD Dish Mount for Rohn 45G Tower Sections Read More

    Rohn WP45G

    ROHN 45G snap-on work platform is engineered specifically for use with Rohn's model 45G towers Read More

    Price: $228.95

    Featured Products


    Featured Products