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    Scanner/Receiver with BNC

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    Comet BNC-W100RX

    25MHz-1300MHz. Extended length: 40": Collapsed length: 8”. BNC Male Read More

    Price: $29.95

    Diamond RH205

    Telescopic HT Antenna. Telescopic; 1/4 Wave retracted, 5/8 Wave fully extended. Height: Retracted: 9.1" Full Length: 52.8" (10 Stages), Connector: BNC Male Read More

    Price: $29.95

    Diamond RHF10

    Rubber Ducky Antenna 144/440MHz (2m/70cm) (Air Band/150/300/450/800/900MHz receiving only). Height: 2.75" Connector: BNC male Read More

    Price: $26.95

    ICOM 3310001920

    Telescopic antenna wire harness (BNC Male) Read More

    Price: $119.95


    Wideband Telescoping RX antenna (BNC Male Connector)
    Read More

    Featured Products


    Featured Products