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    Tram 1159-WB

    Tram 1159-WBTram 1159-WB
    Price: $36.95
    Manufactured by: Tram
    Product Description
    6/8 Wave Wideband Antenna
    Frequency (MHz)
    Product Narrative
    Base loaded 4.1dB gain antenna. No Ground Plane Required
    Usable Bandwidth
    38 MHz
    Gain (dB)
    Maximum Power (Watts)
    Whip Length (In.)
    Whip Material 
    Stainless steel
    Mount Type
    Black Base/Stainless Steel Whip
    1 Year


    April 23rd, 2024
    Material quality is decent for an overseas antenna. Electrical performance is lacking. A Larsen nmo 150HW will out transmit and receive better than this antenna and I would recommend that or a laird 1/2 wave if you need a no ground antenna. However if price is a concern this antenna is attractive just be aware there are better performing options available. I knew better than believe the gain claims but I took the bait anyway with an open mind. Expected much better reception due to the 54” length but was quickly let down. Transmit is almost on par with others but leaves some to be desired. For ultimate performance stay with Larsen or laird. PCtel is nice but the chrome plating they use pits and flakes very rapidly, set screws strip out very easily, and lately the coils have been separating.

    Similar Products


    Similar Products