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    Mobile Mark A55136TB

    Mobile Mark A55136TBMobile Mark A55136TB
    Price: $119.95
    Manufactured by: Mobile Mark, Inc.
    Mobile Mark
    Frequency (MHz)/ Color
    136-174 MHz / 380-520 MHz / 698-960 MHz
    Product Narrative
    The A55136B includes the 'Bullet' elastomer spring and is a premium heavy-duty P25 triband mobile antenna. It has an omni-directional pattern and is vertically polarized for 50Ω impedance match. This high quality performing antenna is for public safety P25 triband mobile radios. In addition, it has full P25 VHF/UHF/700-900 MHz coverage. Our A55136 Triband mobile antenna mounts with a standard NMO mount. This antenna comes with a circular Rubber Gasket that provides an excellent moisture resistant seal against the NMO Mount. Also, it has high quality corrosion resistant materials and finishes. As a result, it can withstand the harshest outdoor environments. The NMO mount itself is sold separately and comes with an “O” ring that provides an additional water tight seal.
    Gain (dB)
    136-174 MHz, 3 dBi gain (VHF)
    380-520 MHz, 5 dBi gain (UHF)
    698-960 MHz, 5 dBi gain (700/800/900 bands)
    Maximum Power (Watts)
    Whip Length (In.)
    Mount Type
    Order NMO Style Mount separately
    2 Years


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