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    MP Antenna 08-ANT-0864

    MP Antenna 08-ANT-0864MP Antenna 08-ANT-0864
    Price: $99.95
    Manufactured by: MP Antenna
    MP Antenna
    Mfg. Model No.
    Multi-Polarized Super-M 400
    Mfg. Part No.
    Product Narrative
    Designed for Two-Way Government/Commercial radio communications, the Multi-Polarized Super-M 400 Mobile antenna offers a light weight, unique tri-element construction and is easily installed on any vehicle. The Super-M 400 Mobile seamlessly covers the frequency range from 400MHz to 500MHz providing improved wireless communication in "Real World" obstructed non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments.
    Frequency (GHz)
    Gain (dB)
    4 dBi
    Maximum Power (Watts)
    Whip Length(In.)
    5.25" dia. X 6.5" H
    Whip Material
    Stainless steel
    Black/Stainless Steel
    Mount Type
    Order NMO Style Mount separately
    1 Year


    June 7th, 2022
    Excellent antenna, very compact design, great performance.
    October 30th, 2022
    This antenna is a little on the pricy side but it works great. I have the base station version of this antenna and it works great too. I would recommend them both. Both of these antennas are being used on NXDN 440.