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    Comet HFJ-350M Toy Box

    Comet HFJ-350M Toy Box
    Price: $92.95
    Manufactured by: Comet Antenna
    NCG Comet
    Model #
    Product Narrative
    Store and roll up your Comet HFJ-350 Toy Box in this high quality and durable canvas roll pouch.
    It will protect your Comet HFJ-350 Toy Box from scratches and other damage during travelling or storage.
    Special Features
    • It is a 4-division structure that is convenient to carry.
    • Telescopic antenna for multi-band HF to 50 MHz band, whose frequency can easily be changed by short plug.
    • Round-shape solderless terminal for counterpoise is included.
    Antenna type
    ¼ base loading type antenna
    Max. input power
    1.8 MHz: 50W average (100W peak), 3.5 MHz: 75W (SSB), 7-50 MHz: 100W (SSB)
    min. 370 mm, max. 1920 mm
    approx. 405 gram
    Antenna connector
    M-P (UHF-M)

    Similar Products


    Similar Products