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    Cablematic MSES-78-50

    Ripley 36809Ripley 36809
    Price: $426.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic

    Cablematic 7/8 inch mid-span cable stripping tool will quickly remove the outer jacket on 50 Ohm LCF and UCF foam dielectric coaxial cable. Ripley`s ground strip tool is designed to provide perfect end of mid-span cable jacket removal on Commscope, RFS, NK and Eupen 50 Ohm cable.

    This cable mid-span ground strip tool is easy to use. Simply snap and rotate around the cable to remove the exact amount of jacket needed to attach a grounding strip. Ripely`s mid-span ground tool is aluminum and is anodized for extended life.

    Preparation Tools for 7/8" Standard Cable prepares cable for connector attachment. Manual and Automated tools help the installer prepare the cable for Connectorization
    Mid-Span Stripper, Copper
    Cable Type
    7/8" LCF78-50
    Mfg. Warranty


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