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    Cablematic CST 750MC

    Cablematic CST 750MC
    Price: $167.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description
    Cablematic CST-750MC Coring Tool
    Product Narrative
    Cablematic's CST-750MC is specifically designed for CommScope (Trilogy) and MC cables. With manual or drill operation with a standard "T" handle and a built in 3/8" drill adapter, it'll make coring and stripping easier. The MC line provides double helix coring bit designed for fast and precise coring and stripping of polyethylene disc/air dielectric cable. It features a heat treated, sheath cutting blade that produces a smooth beveled edge and can be replaced without the expense of replacing the entire coring bit.
    Cable Type
    8.38 in.
    1 lb.
    Manual or drill operation
    Standard "T" handle with a separate 3/8" drill adapter
    Special Features:
    • Manual or drill operation
    • Combination stripping and coring tool
    • Heat treated sheath cutting blade
    • Spiral-fluted, heat treated steel coring bit
    • Rugged, durable all metal constructioncation


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    Featured Products


    Featured Products