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    Cablematic CST Strip-Stop 1-1/2in

    Cablematic CST Strip-Stop 1-1/2in
    Price: $22.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description
    Cablematic CST Conductor Strip-Stop - 1-1/2in
    Product Narrative

    The 32982 by Ripley Cablematic is a replacement Conductor Strip Stopper for Cablematic CST Tools.

    The standard tool shipped from the factory is not equipped with a built-in center conductor “strip stop” and you must manually calculate the center conductor length. To accomplish this, mark the outer conductor the length of the center conductor to be exposed. As the tool advances, look for the marked cable in the tool window. When the sheath stripping blade reaches the mark on the cable, stop operation for the desired center conductor length.

    Note: When an optional strip stop is installed in a CST, the tool will stop stripping when the conductor has reached the strip stop. At this point, the proper strip dimensions have been reached. With slight forward pressure, continue to rotate the tool one complete turn to ensure a square edge and allow the stripped material to break free from the cable.



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