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    Cablematic CAT-AS-DIGICON-FX

    Cablematic CAT-AS-DIGICON-FX
    Price: $125.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description
    Cablematic CAT-AS-DIGICON-FX Compression Tool RG59/6 7/11
    Product Narrative

    The Ripley Cablematic CAT-AS-DIGICON-FX is an All Series FIXED Compression Assembly Tool that assembles Digicon series RG59/6 & RG7/11 drop connectors. It has two sets of jaws, one set for RG59 & 6, and another set for RG7 & 11 connectors. The plunger tip is factory set and non-adjustable. The tool features a cast aluminum body and spring loaded split jaws which position the cable and connector for easy insertion/removal. It is color coded GRAY to provide connector identification. One-handed compression makes operation easy. Unique adjustment assures connector assembly reliability and consistent connector compression. 

    7.25 in
    1 lb


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