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    Cablematic RTF 716-3.8 HANDLE

    Cablematic RTF 716-3.8 HANDLE
    Price: $132.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description
    The RTF Series of Torque Tools are available in four standard torque settings 1.1Nm(10lb-in), 2.5Nm(22lb-in),3.4Nm(30lbin) and 3.8Nm(33lb-Nm).With two interchangeable 7/16”F” series split socket shafts, 100mm(4in) and 210mm(81/2in) available. The torque settings are pre set and are functional during install and will ” click” then slip slightly when the pre set torque is reached. On de-install you have 100% positive action. The interchangeable hexagonal shafts must be pushed into the handle firmly and are retained in the handle with a spring loaded ball for retention.
    5.23 in
    0.22 lbs 


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