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    Cablematic CST 625/20

    Cablematic CST 625/20


    Cablematic Tools

    Product Description

    Cablematic CST Coring Tool for Powerfeeder & 22 Ohm Cables

    Product Narrative

    Combination tool cores and strips in one fast and precise operation 

    Cable Type

    Color coded cable guide sleeves for easy cable size identification.


    6.83 in.


    1.61 lbs

    Manual or drill operation

    CST tools have a standard “T” handle with a built-in 3/8" drill adapter; CST-R tools have a ratchet “T” handle and a separate 3/8" drill adapter

    Special Features:

    • Heat treated sheath cutting blade produces a smooth beveled edge and can be replaced without the expense of replacing the entire coring bit
    • Spiral-fluted, heat-treated steel coring bit
    • Rugged, durable, all-metal construction
    • Strip stops available for exact stripping lengths of 0.50" to 2.00"
    • Grooves on guide sleeve provide indication on when replacement is needed


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