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    Cablematic RTF 716-2.5S

    Cablematic RTF 716-2.5S
    Price: $190.95
    Manufactured by: Cablematic
    Cablematic Tools
    Product Description
    Cablematic tools tool removal w/ torque rtf716-2.5S
    Product Narrative
    Provides easy access to connectors in high-density locations such as cable racks
    11.75 in
    3.4 oz 
    Special Features:
    • Improves long term quality of the system by applying the proper torque force to the “F” connector
    • Allows easy access and the ability to torque “F” connectors in high density locations such as head ends
    • Prevents damage to equipment from over or under tightening
    • vailable in 4 models with 2 different torque settings (20 inch pounds – 2.5Nm or 30 inch pounds – 3.8Nm) and 2 different shaft lengths (long or short) See table below
    • Tool torques only in the clockwise direction at a factory preset torque
    • Tool will not torque in the counter clockwise direction but can be used to remove the “F” connector cable assembly
    • Tool end shaft slips and an audible click sound indicates that the preset torque value has been reached.
    • Torque value is printed on end of tool handle
    • Socket extends approximately 9 inches (229 mm) from handle on long shaft and 4 inches (102 mm) from handle on short shaft. Socket head is .67 inches (17 mm) long.


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