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    Paladin Tools 500CA

    Paladin Tools 500CA
    Price: $308.95
    Manufactured by: Paladin Tools
    Tempo Communications
    Product Description
    Case for the 501 Tracker II. With its inductive signal detection, the TEMPO Communications Tracker II can be used on active or dead systems. Now you can trace the path and determine the depth of buried wires, cables, and metallic pipes or conduit and find the ends of a cut cable without having to deactivate the systems.
    • Trace the path and determine the depth of buried conductors.
    • Use on active or dead systems.
    • Transmitter output and receiver sensitivity are both fully adjustable for maximum accuracy.
    • The lightweight receiver provides both audible and visual indications of signal strength for accurate identification.
    • The transmitter offers three methods of connection: direct, inductive coupler, or inductive antenna.
    • Inductive coupler clamps around the wire or pipe for use on active lines, or where isolating the line is not an option.
    • Inductive antenna is built into the case housing and allows the transmitter to be placed on the ground over the wire path to radiate a signal down onto the conductor.
    • Traces over distances to 4,000 feet (1.2 km) and depths to 7 feet (2.2 m).
    • Adjustable sensitivity and transmitter power.
    • Includes transmitter assembly, receiver assembly, inductive coupler (clamp), inductive antenna (built-in), two 8 foot (2.4 m) test leads with heavy-duty alligator clips, and a durable polyethylene case.
    • Battery-operated (8 - AA and 1 - 9V NOT included).


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