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    DuraComm LPB-12M

    DuraComm LPB-12M
    Price: $289.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    LPB-12M Desktop Power Supply
    Product Narrative
    DuraComm’s LPB-12M power supply is pre-set to convert 100 to 260 volt 50/60 Hz AC power to low noise and ripple 13.8 volt DC power. The AC input is auto-ranging and can be used without any changes. The power supply also contains a built-in, replaceable sealed lead acid battery that automatically takes over should AC power be disrupted. The DC output operating voltage from the internal battery and AC charger circuitry is delivered to the terminal strip located on the rear panel. The from panel meter shows DC voltage output and battery level. The power supply DC output is protected against inadvertent shorts and overloads by a thermal circuit breaker.
    • Universal input 100~264 VAC
    • Short circuit / overload / over temperature protections
    • Built-in EMI filter
    • Front panel power LED
    • Front panel DC voltage and battery level indicator
    • Two front panel USB type A charger outputs, 2 Amps each
    • Internal battery automatically recharges when AC power is restored
    • Compatible with all LPH Hoods for custom mobile radio mounting
    Output Current (Amps):
    Output Voltage VDC:
    Input Voltage VAC:
    Charging Output VDC:
    Charging Current Amps:
    Internal Battery:
    7 Ah
    Weight (lbs):
    3.75"H x 7"W x 10"D


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