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    DuraComm IQ-4

    DuraComm IQ-4DuraComm IQ-4
    Price: $62.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm



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    DPS Back-UP w/Charge Option


    Need to charge and maintain a standby battery for powering critical equipment during AC Mains failures? Need to recharge your backup battery or batteries in minimum time to be ready for the next adverse event? The IQ-4 Smart Charger will silently monitor the standby battery terminal voltage and adjust the DPS ouput voltage as required to keep the battery fully charged without destructive over-charging. The DPS output voltage will automatically be set by the IQ-4 for optimum charge rate depending upon battery state of charge. When the battery is fully charged the DPS output will drop to a minimum value below the trickle charge which stops any over-charging. Note: THE IQ-4 IS TO BE USED ONLY WHEN THE POWER SUPPLY IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE LOAD. The DPS output voltage must be reset to 13.2 VDC for use with the IQ-4 or the battery will be over-charged.


    2 yrs


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