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    DuraComm BMS-1600-24

    DuraComm BMS-1600-24
    Price: $1,399.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    1600 Watt Rack Mount Battery Management System
    Product Narrative

    The Model BMS-1600-24 is a complete battery management system for installations which already have a primary power supply but are lacking battery backup. Smart Charging and battery protecting Low Voltage Disconnect maintain and prevent battery failures caused by over-charging and excessively deep discharging. Dual Schottky diodes provide smooth transfer to battery power and auto-revert to AC mains power that is seamless and glitch less.

    The Smart Charger is designed to auto-charge and maintains Gelled electrolyte (Gel-Cell) and liquid electrolyte lead-acid 24 volt batteries up to 550 Amp Hour. The charger is a constant current monitoring charger for the charging and maintenance of fixed location UPS, emergency lighting systems, and telecommunications battery backup systems.

    The charger is protected against over loading by deep discharge start circuitry with auto shut down due to over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity.

    Switching mode circuit design provides high efficiency, compact size, cool operation, and high reliability

    Suggested Battery Capacity:
    120-350 Ah
    Panel Height:
    Max Output Current (Amps):
    Boost Charge Voltage:
    Float Charge Voltage:


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