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    DuraComm DC-RMCU1

    DuraComm DC-RMCU1
    Price: $629.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    Monitor, log, and control your equipment from anywhere with a computer or smartphone through a standard web page
    Product Narrative

    The DC-RMCU1 (SITE CENTRI©) is designed by DuraComm to monitor any DC load, battery or power supply, temperature, and AC power via Ethernet. It is easily adapted to many possible power systems thanks to six isolated Volt or Amp meters that monitor critical data via internet for analysis and site history logging. 8 general purpose I/O pins provide alarming and control. This compact unit can be rack, DIN-rail, or wall mounted.

    Provides connectivity and adds intelligence to any site’s AC and DC power system for 24/7 monitoring, alarm condition notification, and data logging of vital electrical functions. All programmable, accessible, and managed via the Internet: TCP/IP or SNMP. Users can view current conditions at remote sites via web browser and log history of AC and DC power status on the included micro SD card.

    Sites without internet access can use the monitor solely as a data logger that captures and retains data. The data is ready for download to a laptop for site history, analysis of component performance and failure conditions.

    Input / Output Features
    • Powered by 9 ~ 60 VDC input; can be powered directly from 12, 24, or 48 volt source
    • 6 isolated DC voltmeters (+/- 100 VDC) or Amp meters (can be used in any combination)
    • 1 AC line Voltmeter (24 ~ 300 VAC)
    • 1 external temperature Sensor
    • 4 Input pins. For alarms, external sensors or dry contact closure
    • 4 Output pins. Open collector output to drive external relays or logic
    Communication Ports
    • 10 / 100 Ethernet
    • USB port for debugging
    General Features
    • Send Email alerts, SNMP traps
    • On board reset button for “Hard Reset” to restore settings back to factory defaults
    • Able to control items or monitor device, etc., login to make changes and/or view log via web page
    • On board memory storage. Micro SD Memory Card (Downloadable via web interface, as a CSV le.)
    Weight (lbs):
    8"H x 3"W x 5"D


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