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    DuraComm RM-DC-RMCU-2W

    DuraComm RM-DC-RMCU-2W
    Price: $869.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    Rack Mount Option
    Product Narrative

    DuraComm’s new Rackmount SITE SCOUT (DC-RMCU-2W) DC-Powered Remote Monitoring and Control Unit, provides the ability to remotely monitor AC Line voltage up to 300 VAC, 2 DC Voltages, temperature sensor, and a 100 Amp current sensor.  Monitor the status of external alarms, and remotely control the state of 4 mechanical relay outputs, all via the internet using any standard web browser. The SITE SCOUT also sends SNMP Traps for alarm conditions. The DC-RMCU can also be set to log measurements to a socketed micro SD card, and the measurements are time-stamped with a real-time clock.

    The Site Scout is flexible and secure with a color touchscreen, built-in wi-fi, and HTTPS.  Applications include Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), BDA/DAS & Small Cell Enclosures, and Communication Equipment Rack.

    • Wireless Communication via Wi-Fi
    • Touch screen interface
    • 1 AC voltage sense input
    • 1 AC or DC voltage sense input (Factory set for DC voltage)
    • 1 dedicated DC voltage sense input, 2 general digital inputs
    • 1 DC current sensor input
    • 1 temperature sensor input, and 4 relay outputs


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