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    DuraComm DC-RMCU-2W

    DuraComm DC-RMCU-2W
    Price: $829.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    SITE SCOUT Remote Monitoring & Control: DC-RMCU-2W
    Product Narrative

    The new SITE SCOUT Remote Monitoring and Control Unit (RMCU) is a flexible product for remote site monitoring and control and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Applications: BDA/DAS & Small Cell Network, Communication Equipment Rack, and Portable Equipment Rack.

    The SITE SCOUT provides one AC voltage sense input, one AC or DC voltage sense input, one dedicated DC voltage sense input, two general digital inputs, one AC or DC current sensor input, one temperature sensor input, and four relay outputs. All of these channels are visible on the home page with alarm status and through the Cloud Centri software, and all analog channels are displayed as bar graphs with alarm setting indicators and alarm status color.

    Effective 11/20/2020 the standard version of DC-RMCU-2W (Site Scout) will be programmed for HTTP.
    Please order DC-RMCU-2W-S if you would like the HTTPS version.


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