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    DuraComm WM-10GMT-24

    DuraComm WM-10GMT-24
    Price: $179.95
    Manufactured by: DuraComm
    Product Description
    Wall Mount GMT Fused Distribution Panel
    Product Narrative

    The WM-10GMT-24 is a Wall Mount 60 Amp 24 VDC power distribution panel that provides up to 10 load circuits protected by individual GMT series fuses (fuses not included). Each circuit can be fused up to 15 Amps, with a total 10-circuit load of 60 Amps maximum. Heavy duty DC input connectors provide strong ¼ inch studs to accept up to 60 amps at 24 VDC from a single power supply. All inputs and outputs are isolated from the frame for use in positive ground, negative ground, or floating applications. Fuses and LED status indicators, input, output, and alarm connections are all on the front of the unit. One green LED is provided to indicate power supply status for a bank of ten load circuits. When any fuse fails, a red LED is turned on to indicate the condition, and allow technicians to quickly find the WM-10GMT with the failed fuse. Form C relay contacts, which are isolated from the frame and power circuits, indicate when there is a fuse failure by providing normally open and normally closed contacts to activate remote alarm or monitoring systems. These contacts are available via a barrier strip. Additional DuraComm services are available to customize the WM-10GMT series distribution panels to your specifications.

    Input Range VDC:
    Amps (Max per Panel):
    Number of Positions:
    Amps (Max per Position):
    Panel Height:
    Weight (lbs):
    3"H x 8"W x 5"D


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