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    Astron SL-11R-EFJ

    Astron SL-11R-EFJAstron SL-11R-EFJ
    Price: $139.95
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    Manufactured by: Astron
    Model #
    SL-11R-EFJ (For EF Johnson GT-ML81 & GT-ML83)
    Product Description
    11 Amp Power Supply
    Input Voltage (VAC)
    115 Volts AC
    Output Voltage (VDC)
    13.8 Volts DC
    Amperage (Cont.)
    Amperage (Intermittent)
    "Slim Line" Series. More compact than the standard models. Solid State electronically regulated. Feature fold-back current limiting to protect the power supply from excessive current or shorted output.
    Chassis mounted fuse. Less than 5 mv ripple peak to peak (full load and low line).
    Features include:
    • Solid state electronically regulated
    • Fold-back current limiting protects power supply from excessive current and continuous shorted output
    • Crowbar over voltage protection on all models except RS-3L, RS-4L and RS-5L
    • Maintain regulation and low ripple at low line input voltage
    • Heavy duty heat sink
    • Three conductor power cord
    • All metered units feature backlit meters
    Ripple Voltage
    5 mV
    Fold-Back Protection
    Crowbar Protection
    Dimensions (Width x Height x
    Depth) inches
    7.25 x 5.375 x 9.75 (Not including radio cabinet portion)
    Product Narrative
    Astron linear power supplies are heavy duty and solid state electronically regulated.
    1 yr


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