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    Radio Specific Power Supplies

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    DuraComm LPH-ICOM/221S

    ICOM A110, F121/221, F1010/2010, F1610/2610, F5011/6011, F5021/6021, F5121/6121, F5220/6220 & Tekk Radio M-5000 Read More

    Price: $49.95

    Samlex SEC-1223-XG

    Harris XG-25M, XG-75M, XG-100M, M7300, M5300 Read More

    Price: $283.95

    Samlex SEC-1223-TM

    Tait TM 9300, TM 9400 Read More

    Price: $265.95

    Samlex SEC-1223-TK4

    Kenwood TK‐6110 Read More

    Price: $287.95

    Samlex SEC-1223-NX

    Kenwood NX-3720, NX-3820, NX-5700, NX-5800, NX-5900, TK-730, TK-5830, TK-5930, TK-7160H, TK-8160H, VM5000 Read More

    Price: $265.95
    Price: $283.95
    Price: $271.95
    Price: $271.95

    Samlex SEC-1223-HYT

    Harris HDM150, Hytera MD78X Series Read More

    Price: $283.95

    Astron SS-12TK-7180

    Kenwood TK-7150/8150, TK7160/8160, TK7180/8180, NX700, TK-8360, NX800, NX3720, NX3820 (up to 25 Watts) Read More

    Price: $99.95
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