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    Motorola CP100D-NK (Digital)

    Motorola CP100D (Analog)Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
    Motorola CP100D (Analog)
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    Manufactured by: Motorola
    Radio Includes:
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        • Your choice of programming

    When choosing cost-effective two-way portable radios, you do not have to compromise features. The MOTOTRBO CP100d Series is a range of practical, entry-level digital radios for professionals wanting to communicate with greater ease and efficiency.

    The affordable CP100d radios offer all the benefits of digital technology – up to 35% longer talk-time, twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel, wider radio coverage, and superior audio. In digital mode, your MOTOTRBO radio provides clearer voice communications throughout the coverage area than analog radios, rejecting static and background noise.

    Digital radios outperform analog radios for demanding or extended work shifts, and ensure voice communications are easily and clearly understood. The CP100d is a versatile option for those requiring additional radio features to meet increasing communication needs, while lowering operating costs.

    The CP100d Series is easy to use and makes it easy to migrate from analog to digital. Your radio users can operate and communicate on their new digital radios on the job, as your business transitions to digital technology. You can also choose the analog-only version of the CP100d radio and unlock the capabilities of digital when the time is right with a simple software upgrade. Now you can improve the efficiency of your operation with easy-to-use voice communication that’s right for you. Experience MOTOTRBO digital voice communications, trusted by millions of users for exceptional voice quality and exceptional performance — meaning a more productive workforce and lower operating costs for your business.



    The CP100d Series includes a non display version with no keypad and 16 channels, and monochrome display versions with both full and limited keypads and 160 channels. The ability to operate in both analog and digital modes also makes it easy and affordable to adapt your new digital radios to work along with your existing analog radios, allowing you to migrate to a digital two-way radio platform at your own pace.


    Powered by the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital technology, your CP100d radios provide twice the calling capacity as analog for the price of one frequency license.

    The CP100d Series features the Dual Capacity Direct Mode that unlocks the full capacity of your digital radio system by doubling your channels without the cost of a repeater and its associated infrastructure. In order for both time slots of a 12.5kHz DMR channel to carry simultaneous and independent traffic, you usually need a repeater to provide the timing reference. With Dual Capacity Direct Mode, your radios are able to synchronize automatically and collaboratively, eliminating the requirement for a timing reference.

    Pre-Programmed Text Messaging enables fast and flexible communication in high noise environments where voice is difficult to hear, or when communicating sensitive information.


    When it comes to exceptional audio clarity, the quality of digital cannot be denied. The CP100d Series radios give you digital audio performance throughout your coverage area. The digital voice processing with enhanced call signalling ensures faster and more reliable calls.

    When your workers cannot be distracted, voice announcement provides audible confirmation of channel changes, as well as programmable buttons that eliminate the need to view the radio display. This customizable feature uses default audio files for easy operation.


    From the guest rooms to light manufacturing premises, and moving across event locations, you can connect more people effortlessly — wherever they work.

    Easy to carry and operate, housekeepers can quickly update the supervisors from inside guest rooms or on the hotel floors. Their CP100d radios deliver voice throughout the entire coverage area of your sprawling resort or high-rise hotel buildings.

    With CP100d radios, your on-site event staff runs on double call capacity on the same radio spectrum, giving them more open lines for instant updates, as they run more events with greater efficiency. When there is an emergency, you can send the closest security employee to any part of the venue and speed up response time.

    Your assembly line workers can rely on the clear digital audio of their CP100d radios to filter out background noise, so they can hear clearly anywhere in a busy factory, or use one of the programmable buttons to send Pre-Programmed Text Messages.


    The CP100d Series radios meet demanding specifications, including IP54 for dust and water and U.S Military Standard 810C, D, E, F and G for exceptional durability. They also surpassed the Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) where they were subjected to simulation of 5 years of hard use in real life. These tests included drop, temperature shock, vibration, dust, ESD and humidity. 


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