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    Stryker SR25MC

    Price: $89.95
    Manufactured by: Stryker

    Incredible Microphone – Hi-Cut Receive Filter

    • SR-25MC is a tiny radio with a size of 4.88″ (L) x 3.97″ (W) x 1.41″ (H) & weighs 0.94lbs. Its size gives you an edge when it comes to mounting. You can compare its size with the size of the iPhone 7.
    • SR-25MC is a power radio with a heatsink, and you can easily transmit 20 watts PEP on high power. A cast aluminum heatsink efficiently dissipates heat and makes it a very rugged chassis. It means this stabilizes the circuit board and make it virtually immune to vibration.
    • SR-25MC has an AMAZING LCD with 7 different colors. This multi-color display makes it sharp and easy to read at night. It means, if the lights are too bright, a 6 level dimmer allows you to select the perfect illumination amount, which makes the screen reading easy for you day or night.
    • Excellent Microphone: SR-25MC microphone sounds Crystal Clear and has up-down buttons to adjust many features & functions. It means you can control many features through a microphone while driving a rig.

    Key Features

    • High & Low Power (4 watt or 10-watt carrier)
    • Channel and Frequency Display
    • Operating Voltage
    • CTCSS / DCS (encode & decode) 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS
    • Backlit Keys
    • Integrated Automatic SWR meter
    • RF gain Of / Auto + 10 Attenuation Levels
    • Squelch (Manual or ASQ) and Volume Adjustable
    • Dual Channel Watch
    • Digital S-meter Display
    • Roger Beep function (8 settings)
    • Programmable via PC Software (Download from Stryker Website)

    General Specifications

    • Modulation Mode : AM/FM
    • Frequency Range : 28.000 ~ 29.700MHz (FM) 28.000 ~ 29.700MHz (AM)
    • Frequency Tolerance : ±5.0ppm
    • Input Voltage : 12/24V
    • Dimensions(in mm) : 124(W) x 163(D) x 39(H)
    • Weight : Approx.670g
    • Frequency Control : PLL Synthesizer
    • Operating Temperature Range : -20° C TO + 55° C
    • Current Drain [ Transmit, Receive, VOL Max] : 5A MAX, Squelched 0.3A, 0.8A
    • Antenna Connector : UHF,SO-239

    Transmitter Specifications

    • Power Output : 4 WattsFM/AM / 10 Watts AM/FM
    • Transmission interference : inferior to 4nW(-54dBm)
    • Frequency Response : 300-3000Hz
    • Modulated signal distortion : Inferior to 5%
    • Output Impedance : 50 ohms

    Receiver Specifications

    • Sensitivity : Less than 1uV for 10dB(S+N)/N
    • Image Rejection : 70dB
    • Adjacent Channel Rejection : 60dB
    • IF Frequencies : 1st 10.695MHz – 2nd 455KHz


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    Similar Products


    Similar Products