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    Alinco DR-438T

    Alinco DR-438T Alinco DR-438T
    Alinco DR-438T
    Alinco DR-CS10
    Price: $199.95
    Manufactured by: Alinco
    Radio Includes:
    • EMS-74 DTMF Microphone
    • Mounting Bracket w/Screws
    • DC Power Cable
    • Microphone holder
    • Instruction Manual

    Items needed:
    antenna designed for your particular operating frequency plus mount and cable terminated with a PL-259 connector.


    ALINCO’s feature packed Analog UHF Mobile Radio is perfect choice for multiple applications.. The DR-438 radio delivers power and performance in a small package. User-friendly configuration and programmable features make the DR-438 the radio of choice for business and commercial use without compromising higher price.

    DR-438T Features
    • 45 watts (H), H/M/L power settings
    • 200 memory channels
    • Voice Compander (Reduce Noise & enhance audio clarity)
    • Wide variety of selective calling features Built-in
    • 2-Tone, 5-Tone, 50 CTCSS, 114 DCS, 4 Tone-burst tones and DTMF/ANI decode
    • Radio stun/kill/revive functions to protect your communication security Large, bright LCD and easy-to-operate backlit keys
    • Multi-function, backlit microphone enables direct frequency entry & more from keypad
    • Various scan modes, Key lock, Wide/Narrow operations and more at no extra cost!
    • Part 90 FCC/IC Certified


    Frequency Coverage
    400-469.9975 MHz
    Channel Spacing
    25KHz (Wide mode), 20KHz (Middle mode), 12.5KHz (Narrow mode)
    Channel steps
    2.5KHz,5KHz, 6.25KHz, 8.33KHz, 10KHz,12.5KHz, 15KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 30KHz, 50KHz
    Memory channel
    200 channels
    Antenna impedance
    50 ohms
    Squelch Systems
    Frequency stability
    +/- 2.5ppm TCXO
    Power supply requirement
    13.8V DC +/- 15%
    Current drain
    Approx. 11.0A TX High
    145 (W) x 47(H) x 190(D) mm
    Weight (w/Battery)
    Approx. 1.2Kg (43.3oz)
    Usable temperature range
    -4°F - +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
    Output power
    Approx. 45W(HI), Approx. 25W(MID), Approx. 10W(LOW)
    Modulation system
    Spurious Emission
    Less than -60 dB
    Adjacent Channel Power
    Hum & Noise
    Maximum frequency deviation
    +/- 5 KHz (FM) / +/- 2.5 KHz (NFM)
    Receive system
    Double-conversion superheterodyne
    Sensitivity (-12dB SINAD)
    Less than -16.0dBu
    Intermediate frequency
    1st IF 21.7 MHz, 2nd IF 450 KHz
    -6dB: +/-12KHz or more (FM), -60dB: +/-28KHz or less, -6dB: +/-6KHz or more (NFM), -60dB: +/-16KHz or less
    Audio output power
    More than 2W(8ohm 10%THD)


    September 1st, 2022
    Excellent product easy to use

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    Similar Products