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    ICOM M422 Accessories

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    ICOM CSM422

    Programming Software for M422

    Price: $44.95


    USB Programming Cable for ICOM

    Price: $59.95

    ICOM OPC980

    Cloning Adptr Cable for M302, M304, M402, M422, M502, M504, M602, M604

    Price: $36.95

    ICOM OPC1000

    HM127 Cable w/Plug for M422, M502, M604

    Price: $66.95

    ICOM OPC999

    HM157 Extension Cable for M402, M422, M502, M504, M602, M604

    Price: $45.95

    ICOM SP24

    External Speaker M302, M402, M422, M502, M504, M802

    Price: $49.95

    ICOM SP35

    5W external speaker with 3.5mm speaker jack and 2m cable for ICOM ID-5100A, 2730A, V3500, 2300H, 2200H, ID-4100A, 2820H

    Price: $49.95

    ICOM SP37

    40W hailer/speaker for fixed mounts; 4 ohm, extra UV protecting, all stainless steel hardware, heavy duty mounting bracket

    Price: $59.95


    External Speaker 20 watts w/Mounting Bracket 6 ft wire 3.5mm plug

    Price: $29.95

    ICOM M422 MMB

    Black mounting bracket for M422 (Same As Supplied)

    Price: $26.95


    Mounting bracket super white M422 (Same As Supplied)

    Price: $26.95

    ICOM MB69

    Mobile Mount for M302, M304, 402, 412, 422

    Price: $36.95

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