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    ICOM MR1010R2

    ICOM MR1010R2
    Price: $2,499.95
    Manufactured by: ICOM

    Commercial Grade Radar with Exclusive Safety Features

    Maximum Range:

      36NM with 4kW output

    Scanner Type:

      2’ radome scanner

    Display Type:

      10.4" color TFT LCD

    Safety Features

    Connect the MR-1010RII to a DSC radio to use the DSC information function. When connected to a DSC radio and a DSC call is received, the received message is transferred to the MR-1010RII. Plot up to 20 DSC messages on the radar echo. If Man Overboard (MOB) position information is transmitted from a DSC handheld transceiver (i.e. M94D), the MR-1010RII can show the MOB waypoint on the radar echo to assist in search and rescue operation.

    Connect the MR-1010RII to an external AIS device to use the AIS overlay function. When connected (i.e. M605, M510 AIS and M506 AIS), up to 100 AIS target icons are overlaid on the radar echo. By selecting an AIS icon, vessel information such as AIS class, MMSI number, vessel name, course, speed, CPA, TCPA, bearing and distance are shown on the lower side of the display.

    Received DSC example
    Other vessel AIS information

    Large Color Display

    The MR-1010RII gives approximately a 176° viewing angle. The color RFT LCD (480x640 dots) display offers bright vivid echos with 16 steps gradient intensity. Easily adjust the screen color (day, night and user settings) with the "BRILL" button. In addition, the auto hide information function enlarges radar echoes to size.

    LCD Night Setting
    Night setting
    LCD Day Setting
    Day setting

    Configure various settings through the MR-1010RII’s visually intuitive operation. The language setting is selectable from English, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese. The large eight-direction cursor key provides smooth operation even when wearing gloves.

    User Color Settings
    User color setting menu
    Initial Menu
    Initial menu

    Additional Features

    • Simplified ARPA function helps prevent collision risk with other vessels or objects
    • TLL (Target Latitude Longitude) function
    • True trail function
    • 10.2-42V wide DC input to prevent over voltage damage
    • Two user programmable alarm zones
    • Optional video output unit


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